Our Constitutional Republic

What more can be said about a book than that all Americans should read and think about it? In this time of challenges for America, here is a reasonable, readable, passionate, balanced book telling the tale of our nation’s meaning from before its founding until the present day. It captures the original American spirit of hunger for liberty and opportunity, of love of God, and of reverence for honest hard work.

Written by a man who has served our country all his life and knows why he has done this, the book reminds America in reasoned words and well-written prose of our founders’ words and intentions. Will echoes patriot voices, old and new, holding up a standard of truth, self-reliance, tolerant mercy to others, and most of all — the standard of liberty.

Will traces our founding principles, the rise and effect of progressive politics, and the horrible threats America faces today. He explains how we must all be aware and active. Most importantly, he tells us all what we can and must do to see that America does not perish from the earth.

Today, Americans need this book. We need to read it before our next election. Enjoy and profit from your time with Will —, I have!

Dr. Lloyd A. Case